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Derby County v Scunthorpe United


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Scouting news.

They are very slippery, and it might get hairy.

They pad out the midfield and come with wingers.

They like a man to play in the hole, and they never pull out the tackle.

They build up things untill they explode in front of goal, normally happens every 28 days, but everyone forgets the timescale untill after it happens then realise it was about due.

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Derby County have confirmed that this Saturday's game against Ssausagehorpe United will be played unless further heavy snow before the weekend.

With Wintry weather still hanging over most of the country prospects for sever disruption of football in England, Scotland and Wales is very likely.

Derby County however have made it known that the Under soil heating is working fine, which is good to know after the last home games frosty pitch, and only a further heavy fall of snow will stop the game against Ssausagehorpe United from going ahead.

Surrounding areas of the pitch have also been cleared of snow in an effort to give the game the best possible chance of going ahead this Saturday.


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Derby County would like to let you, the supporters know, that this weekend's Coca-Cola Championship fixture against Ssausagehorpe United at Pride Park Stadium is scheduled to go ahead as planned.

With so many fixtures falling victim to the weather at the moment we wanted to tell you that here at Derby County we are doing everything within our power to ensure the game goes ahead.

The pitch is in excellent condition, with our under soil heating system making the playing surface perfectly playable.

Around Pride Park we are moving snow, with all our staff on hand to help and also gritting pathways and car parks.

We anticipate that our game will proceed without any problems and look forward to seeing you on Saturday for what should be an exciting game.

Should the circumstances change we will of course contact you immediately and keep you informed of developments via our own communications channels, the official club website and the local and national media.

Thanks, as always for your continued and loyal support.


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