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The following excerpts are from the official Football Association Players handbook issued prior to the 1966 World Cup competition.


1. FITNESS TO PLAY. All players are requested to acknowledge receipt of these arrangements and to signify their fitness to to play. In the event of a player being subsequently unfit to play he must telegraph immediately to "Football Association, Padd. London".


2. EXPENSES. All players will be allowed travelling expenses to and from London.


3. MATCH FEES. The following match fees shall apply for the World Cup Competition:-

Players £60, reserves £30, trainers £30


4. EQUIPMENT. Shirts, shorts and stockings will be provided by the Football Association. Players are requested to bring with them towels, athletic slips, gym shoes, shin guards, spikes and football boots (two pairs) which should be properly studded.

5. PRESS REPORTS. Players are forbidden to comment upon the matches on television or radio programmes or in Press reports after the games. 


6. PLAYERS are advised to bring with them a suit for travelling and a dark lounge suit for evening wear.

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