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We Are England 2017

The Key Club King

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If only that clown of a keeper hadn't been so inspired that night we'd have qualified.

If only Keegan had buried that header we'd be through...

If Maradona hadn't cheated we might have won it...

Let's get out of this rigid 442 formation for 3-5-2...

If Koeman was rightly sent off we'd have made it through to the finals. Did I not like that...

If Beckham hadn't been so foolish we could have gone on to win it...

Bloody penalties- just unlucky really...

We need a passionate English attack-minded coach to move us on...

If only Rooney hadn't got injured... 

No, we need a proven world-class foreign coach to stand a chance...

Cue 2010- blimey they're just a lot better than us aren't they? 

And so it slowly dawned on us and has rightly reduced expectations ever since.

For England 1974-2010, read Derby 2014-2017. It was obvious really. 

Our players aren't that good, are they? 

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