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come on boys playoffs are still possible

kyle mccabe

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36 minutes ago, Spenno said:

Far too optimistic how about - we need to win because we're being sucked into a relegation battle league 1 is looming booooo!!! Sell everyone and bring back nige - and relax balance restored

And Maxwell for shirt sponsors again 

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2 minutes ago, Strange yearnings said:

Agree (and btw it's "deja vu").    :whistle:

I'm as bad as any for grammar police, though I tent to tut and move on, so I'll not be too upset for your correction Strange Y. My auto correct had a pop at it but I let it go ;)

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53 minutes ago, whaley bridge Ram said:

BAN THE WORD PLAY OFF until this bunch of players can prove there good enough 

up the Rams 

Yes agree.  But hold on, the English teacher in me is struggling to get out. I'm desperately trying not to, after all it's a thread not an exam but.... Too late

"play off" = 2 words. "They're" good enough. Sorry . :pinch:

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