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Ive had enough


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Its true,I no longer enjoy going to watch Derby.If it wasnt for my son I wouldnt bother.Tactics are rubbish and the players are crap.I had to have a go at some ginger headed ******** for continually swearing in front of my son with his airheaded girlfriend.

I look at the league table and it makes me feel ill.

Were not going anywhere with this Manager and the board are not spending enough/anything.They only care about filling the ground.

One thing is for sure they wont sell anywhere near the amount of season tickets next season.

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Good point well made.

I would rather do something else at the moment too, I feel the same as the final half of the Prem **** up.

I'll still go though, like I did in the prem, but I do find my self day dreaming at times and missing periods of play whilst watching pigeons etc.

Sad times.

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Think Newcastle are on Sky three times this month, West Brom twice. Newcastle only kicked off twice at 3pm in the first 2 months of the season, surprised Newcastle fans bought season tickets the amount of times they're on TV this season.

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