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Who needs to go

David Hodgkinson

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Aye aye David, I can see you are a new member not familiar with the layout possibly.

This section is for non football related sports so you may not get many checking your thread out. Maybe an alert mod (lol) will move your Post to the appropriate section and delete my post.

Welcome to the forum though. :thumbsup:

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Add bradley johnson to that list plese

theres younger, fitter and to put it quite simply better running through the championship and below.

iv been watching derby for 30 years pretty much and he is so smack bang average it hurts me to my core

for a midfield enforcer give me robbie van de laan, darryl powell or even god dam it sean flynn (remember him) every day of the week.

and dont get me on mr unsung hero geraint williams 

bradley is so p poor in comparison to any of these and lets be honest they wernt exactly world beaters were they 


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11 hours ago, David Hodgkinson said:

My opinion

Blackman     Camara

Vydra           Shackell

Baird            Bryson


That's a reasonable list, but we have to acknowledge that it isn't a simple thing to move players on if there's no demand for them and they're under contract.

Blackman and Camara - I'd take a nominal fee on either of these just to free up some space on the wage bill.

Vydra - He's just transferred for 8 million and his form is in the gutter. No one is going to give us any money for him. The best option I can see is that maybe we could arrange a season long loan with a fee attached.

Shackell - This is dependent on the squad situation. Shackell's a good player, but it seems a waste to have someone on his wages sat on the bench. If we sign someone else as cover or feel that Rawson is ready to be first reserve then I'd sell Shackell.

Baird - His contract is up for renewal, so he's one of the few we could definitely shift. I'd keep him unless we desperately need to use his wages elsewhere. Selling him would leave us without cover at right back. He's also one of our more versatile players.

Bryson - I think we could use some new blood in this position. I'd sell any one of Bryson, Butterfield, or Johnson if a good offer came in.

Bent - I think Bent's done really well this season, but I wouldn't be averse to letting him move on considering his contract will be up.

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2 hours ago, BramcoteRam84 said:

Would keep Bryson and Vydra but agree with all the others, would add Butterfield and Johnson to the list as neither are good enough. If we can get decent money I would sell Ince and also Olsson, he's decent but not as good as Lowe or Foz (if Foz gets over his injuries)



Why on earth would you keep Vydra?. A good player but he cannot play 4-3-3 and that's always going to be our system while McLaren is around. 

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I think that there is a need to move on more than just a couple players. This squad has failed over numerous seasons now; recent new signings in the past two or three season haven’t strengthened us at all. We now just have a big squad of average Championship quality, sitting on big wages.  

For me I’d move on the following;

Ollson – I feel he was bought as a panic buy, with Forsyth being injured last year. He is a steady average Championship player. I think a fit Forsyth is going to be hard to force out of any Championship side. He certainly no where near as adventures nor has the quality of Forsyth when attacking. Defensively he doesn’t have the aerial presence of him either; Forsyth is a better defender as well. With him back next season and an eager raw Lowe competing against him, there is no room for Ollson, we don’t need 3 Left backs.

Butterfield – A tidy player on the ball, but still a poor mans Will Hughes. Butterfield fails to read the game as well as Hughes and doesn’t seem to know when to pick that penetrating pass in the channels or hit the center forward with the ball to their feet. Instead he goes easy and chooses to pass sideways and back rather that forward, causing us to lose all momentum with our attacks. In the system McClaren plays there is only enough room for one creative midfielder and Will Hughes is leaps and bounds better.

Blackman – Again another panic buy. Blackman had a good 20 games for Reading in the early stages of last season, scoring a few goals. Before then he was never a proven striker at this level. Yes he was maybe worth a gamble at the time and could have scored a few goals that could have helped us to reach the big time. In reality though he’s been a flop, some will say he never got given a run in the side. His time at Derby has be plagued by injuries, we have enough injury prone players in our squad as it is, we don’t need to be carrying another, especially when he offers very little when given the chance. He’s certainly not a winger, so I don’t know why we persist on putting out wide and his scoring record proves he’s not a natural goal scorer. When Chris Martin returns in the summer, he will be no where near the squad. We need to cut our loses and move on.

Bent – Although a good signing to begin with and scoring a few goals again now. I can’t help but feel, with Chris Martin coming back he will just have another season sat on the bench like last season. Bent is a striker that needs a run of games to find his goal scoring form, that’s a luxury he won’t get next season. McClaren knows his style and Bent doesn’t fit it like Martin. I can’t help but think that Bent won’t want to spend his twilight years sat on the bench, when this season he has proven he can still do a job at this level. A move away would be both good for him and the club, getting his big wages off the bill allowing us to invest in someone else as well as giving him the chance to play week in week out. We know he is a good striker, his record speaks for it self, he deserves regular football, something I can’t see him getting at Derby when the big man comes back.

Russell – I’m a big Jonny Russell fan, but with the club at a crossroads we all need to put sentiment to one side. He has an excellent work rate and never stops running, always willing to do the hard work and he is someone who is willing to get back and carry out his defensive duties. However playing on the wing you need to be able to deliver going forward, not so much defensively. He never seems like he wants to beat the full back and deliver a ball in the box, instead he opts to hold the ball and slow down the game. In the final third he seems to lack the quality needed to help this team start scoring again. With the way McClaren sets up we need our two wingers running at there defense, trying to turn them and stretch them, giving the center forward more room to attack. Instead he holds the ball up and pass side ways, allowing the opposite team to get 11 men behind the ball. Russell is a very good player when he turns up but his quality just isn’t consistent enough.

Johnson – A player I was excited about, when I seen him sign. A big physical player, strong, an attacking threat and proven player at this level. It just hasn’t worked out. His best form came before Christmas in the holding role, a position which you would think would suit a player of his build and what we needed. For me he’s another one that has lacked consistency since he’s joined.

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7 minutes ago, philmycock said:

I really hope this isn't true, it's like playing with 10 men when he plays

I will take playing with 10 men and getting Bent's goals ! He's done really well and is a top finisher I'm puzzled by critics of Bent. He doesn't do as much as Martin in terms of build up play but he's a top striker. He's not even had great service and still manages to score quite a lot considering. 

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