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The Problems at Aston Villa.....

86 Hair Islands

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15 minutes ago, Zag zig said:

Scott Hogan getting injured unfortunate, but yeah funny enough.....

Case of too many new jigsaw pieces just not fitting together, if we win on Saturday, they could be flirting with the bottom 3.

Will they stay calm or Bruce to be out by the end of season?

Can't see him getting to the end of the season if results persist. They've shipped a few out for sure but I think they've spent something close to a net £30 mill plus this season having started with strongish squad so if they end up looking like slipping much further I can see old potato head getting the heave-ho.

Hogan, Hourihane, Landsbury, McCormack, Chester, Jedinak, De Laet, Kodija, Bree, Adomah, Bjarnason, Elphick, Gollini. Tshibola, Taylor all brought in and they still can't buy a win. That's schadenfreude for you, right there.

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1 hour ago, irobinson said:

I must admit the Brum and Villa situation makes me feel a lot better


come on Rams - start doing your stuff 

Lincoln City are the only Midlands team left in the cup.... Which sums up what a terrible time they are having this year. 

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