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On 19/09/2020 at 11:05, Van Cone De Head said:

That’s took some time?

It has taken a while due to Coronavirus, but at least when the gave me a date it was fairly soon. I would have annoyed me if they had said we have a slot for your operation, it's in February.

He was explaining the anti biotic proceedure, they will pump me full of antibiotics until they get the sample they take in the op tested, then they'll give me targeted atibiotics. Hopefully this will be oral and if it needs to be IV they'll keep hostpital me in until they can arrange a district nurse to do inject me. Is this similar to what happens with Joel?

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Covid has complicated it hasn’t it.

Joel has some form of infection most of the time and the way we’ve approached it has changed over the years,usually iv for 48 hours or so then oral but the last few times we have gone in 2 to 3 times a day and the nurse does it,he just keeps his tube in.

That keeps him out of hospital,I think the plan is that we are going to do it here and they are going to train us or supervise us.

Not even bothered with anti biotics this time just going to take things out.

I was on the phone on Friday just making sure it isn’t going to be delayed again,don’t trust Hancock.

Hope it goes ok mate,let us know.

@Shipley Ram

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20 minutes ago, i-Ram said:

How did it go @Van Cone De Head?  Hope all is well, and that you, Lyn and particularly Joel are another step closer to a successful treatment solution.

Thanks mate.

Went ok,got the bits out they wanted too and we shall await the results(Histology).

Joel’s doing ok.

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