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Van Cone De Head

My Lads op.

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Still infected but it isn’t as bad.

Joel will stay on anti biotics for 3 months which will hopefully keep things under control till we have anything back from immunology and more importantly Mr Irving will be back from overseas.

If things stay as they are they will look to surgery to try and prevent the infection/Cholesteatoma and return of any abscess.

Surgery will be a last resort as they try to balance keeping some hearing in Joel’s right ear and the threat to his life.

Surgery will be similar to the 2017 one we believe.

Just got to keep going at the minute.

That’s it really,Joel’s ok,he say the can’t go through another operation like that again but we’ll have to get him through it if that’s what’s needed.

He reckons Rowett losing his job today is Karma for him refusing to honour a promise Steve Maclaren made to him?


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3 minutes ago, coneheadjohn said:

...Joel’s ok,he say the can’t go through another operation like that again but we’ll have to get him through it if that’s what’s needed.


As harsh as that is, there's never a truer word spoken.  As the boy weakens, the stronger the parents must become.


... but you knew that already, of course.


All the very best to the Cones.


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7 hours ago, Ramslad1992 said:

Have to say mate... if I were in your position I’d have crumbled a long time ago, you’re a stronger man than me 👏🏻 Your sons lucky to have a man like you as his dad. Hope everything works out for you all!

Well it’s really nice of you to say mate and I’m full of big statements and positive thinking with pictures of gym equipment and doing things regardless before surgery etc but don’t be fooled,your just as likely to see me me slumped in a corner crying.

@Mrs Cone drives the ship forward and Joel’s the brave one.


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2 hours ago, Chester40 said:

No update so I am presuming the crisis you alluded to elsewhere was just a run of the mill drama, not a full on disaster!!! Best wishes as always 

I’ll come back to you mate,I’m just doing everyone a cooked breakfast ☹️

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Try and keep it brief.

Half way through Joel’s 3 month plan,I call it the(bull💩)plan,but it’s all we’ve got and it’s a process we have to go through.

Joel doesn’t look that bad at Christmas he was a grey/green/yellow colour and was obviously seriously unwell now he’s just grey.

The right ear remains infected though it is not running as badly out though we are concerned it’s building up inside,his MRI is not till the end of March at present.

I have become increasingly frustrated(even though I understand)that the time we are spending waiting is not doing Joel any favours.

The emergency this weekend is just one of those moments when Joel looks at you and sort of loses his will to carry on with it.

He knows that they are going to want to do some form of obliteration to his right mastoid and given everything he’s already been through surgically and how he’s been getting progressively worse health wise for a long time he had decided he’d had enough.

I was expecting something because you get an instinct,fortunately we get drift of his mood and at the minute he’s ok.

Joel’s take on it is 8 years of major surgery and he’s no better and facing what would be his biggest yet,what’s the point?

I’ll take him in next week to see Mr Ray just to see if there’s anything he can do.

It’s going to get more difficult as the year goes on for him but we’ve got to do it.

Everyone’s rallying round him and as long as we all stay positive we can get him through it.

We’re still waiting some results from Immunology,they had a 2 month wait for the ones from Manchester so they might throw something treatable up.

So not a full emergency,I class a full emergency as something like November when you’re left leaning against the wall struggling to breathe.

Thanks for asking,appreciate the thought.


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21 minutes ago, Chester40 said:

What do you say when there is nothing new you can think of to say....?

But I imagine you know that feeling better than anyone.  

So try and keep your head down and pray tomorrow is better. Keep strong, he needs you to do that. Give him a hug and know people are rooting for you.


We’re in a good place mate,we know what’s coming and we’re as ready as we can be...thanks.

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On 10/02/2019 at 20:10, HantsRam said:

John, I hope you're able to convince Joel he has much to live for, and how much his struggles so far to overcome his illnesses have inspired others.

Best wishes to you all.

Thanks mate.


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40 minutes ago, coneheadjohn said:

At the Hallamshire on the head and neck ward,it is an emergency but I’m not panicking yet.

Joel’s ok at the minute,I’ll come back to you when I’ve got some info.

All the best to you all.

Fingers crossed here.

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