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3 hours ago, coneheadjohn said:

His right ear was fixed first op....incredible really and he retained 30% of his hearing ,ish.

His left side and everything in it and round it and parts of his skull were removed and fat from his belly put in last year so nothing that side.

It's remarkable what we can do with the human body these days, taking bits from one part to help another. Medical science has come so far.

I wish you and your boy the best. 

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On 16 February 2017 at 19:37, coneheadjohn said:

Hope you don't mind me putting it on here.

His surgery will take place on the 4th of May at Queens in Birmingham.

It's been on then cancelled a couple of times due to the plastic surgery team not being available.

Joel will the first one of two nationally waiting for this surgery so we are all ok with this date.

He was seen in Sheffield last week where emergency surgery was considered but we all agreed to wait and do it properly.

It's nearly 12 months since his last op which went ok at first then left him rushed back in with an infection and we nearly lost him.

Anyway lads had a tough year,and we need this one to count.

I'll post on here when he's going in,massive thanks for all the offers of help and support.



Good luck it. The QE is an excellent hospital, the forces use it for their injured, there are some extremely talented surgeons there, so he will be in good hands. 

Best wishes!

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On 16/02/2017 at 20:32, coneheadjohn said:

That's fine mate,he was diagnosed with a condition called Cholesteatoma nearly 7 years ago,it has caused bone eating tumors to grow in his ear canal and the base of his skull.

I think this will be his 7th major op(lost count)plus umpteen minor ones.

His op will initially involve a lateral temporal bone resection,mastoid obliteration with blind sac closure using a temporatorial(can't spell it)rotational flap.There are some complicating factors but that's the crux of it.

I used to be a staff nurse in ENT, and Cholesteatoma is a nasty thing to suffer. Its a very big intricate procedure he's having done, and at such a young age too. Hope all goes well for him.

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