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Warburton Leaves Rangers

Pearl Ram

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10 minutes ago, EastHertsRam said:

Warburton, David Weir and some other bloke have resigned at Rangers.

SSN say they are off to an unnamed club. 


Its a shame because rangers fans thought he was the best thing since sliced bread.

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A levering out going on?

Rangers have been disappointing in their first year back in the top flight.

Big signings not worked out, kept losing to Celtic, not decisively clear of Aberdeen, not "getting" the Scottish media spotlight on the old firm which ramped up after they got promoted ("why the negativity guys" "its Scottish for loving affection now GTF fannybaws" )

I'm not surprised, if you thought Newcastle's fans were unrealistic, they got nothing on the bears.


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A bizarre state of affairs, the board at Ibrox have either got his signature on a piece of paper stating he's resigned....or they haven't. 

If they have, why is Warburton denying this, or, if they haven't, why did they put out their statement ? Either way it's pretty poor timing, I assume they've got a game this weekend.

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