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why do you love dcfc and what would make you not love them?

kyle mccabe

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I love them because at 10 years old I saw my first live match, Derby v Norwich in 1969 and that was me, hook line and sinker.

What would make me not love them is loss of identity, i.e., change of name to something like  The Derby Rams, moving out of the city ala Wimbledon, radical change of colours.

I know we had sky blue/brown/yellow shirts initially but we've been black and white/dark blue and white during my time of following us but they are the kind of things that might make me question my loyalty. 

And if they ran away with my dog.  ;)

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Fawaz selling Forest and buying Derby

Somebody saying something daft on here that gets me sued for thousands

Relocating or rebranding like MK Dons and Cardiff

Becoming a tourist attraction like Barca and Real

Bringing Robbie Savage out of retirement or employing him at the club in any capacity

Selling Will Hughes for a Nigel Pearson valuation

Playing competitive games abroad to generate extra revenue

Prioritise the FA Cup over promotion/relegation

Appointing Sam Allardyce as manager

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4 minutes ago, kyle mccabe said:

Struggling to answer why you love your club????now that's odd


In 1994 or 95 we beat Tranmere 5-0 at home and I had never experienced anything like it. When my uncle offered to take me again I just couldn't wait. And it was like that for ages. Even when we lost I just loved going to football. I got a Derby shirt and pretended to be a Rams player in the garden. 

But somewhere between then and now it's changed. Now I don't feel real entertainment at any match. Quite a lot of anger and frustration at TV coverage of matches. At Derby games I find them stressful. When we're doing well I find the fans quite arrogant and when we lose I find people even more arrogant. We haven't competed for anything for decades. 

Tomorrow for example.

I'll finish work at 6am. I'll sleep fine for a few hours. In 1995 I couldn't sleep I was so excited. 

I'll get dressed and moan about being tired. In 1995 I'd be dressed by 7am.

I'll stroll up to the ground talking about work/family/holidays. Feeling slightly annoyed at people walking too slow in front and too fast behind. In 1995 I had an adrenaline rush walking through that beautiful shithole with an army of like minded people. 

I'll walk up the steps with my head down. In 1995 I got excited at the sight of the sky as I walked up the steps. 

It's just that sort of robotic way I think a lot of people follow Derby? Initially it's very exciting. Now it's rare games you look forward to. That must be what keeps you going.

Week to week I think following Derby is quite annoying? Probably get more frustration than fun over the years. 

Life would be happier supporting Man United, finding another sport like boxing where you aren't tied to the success and failure of one team/athlete/fighter. Or just be off doing stuff you enjoy 100% and causes no pain. 

Yet here we all are. And if Bristol smash us 5-0 then we'll dwell on it and come back on Tuesday night. Not because we enjoy it but because... if I knew that then i'd know why I love Derby. I do love Derby but no idea why.

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I love derby because when i was a kid my older brother told me i had to or he'd beat the crap out of me. I wouldn't mind but fast forward 30 years and he allows his own son to support barcelona. Barcelona! And he uses 'we' and 'us' when he talks about barcelona - he's like "we've got the best front 3 in the word with messi, neymar & suarez"! We!!!?? YOU'RE FROM ALFRETON YOU DOUCHE!


What was the question again?

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I could probably write a book on what DCFC has meant to me at various stages of my life!

Why do I love them? I guess I was born into the DCFC family.

What would make stop loving them? Nothing I guess, I love in hope that my lad goes on to have the same great times that I have had watching my team.

My passion for football has wained with the state of the modern game and it's more about the day out now, but hopefully football will one day implode and go back to being a working man's game.

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20 minutes ago, EastHertsRam said:

My Sam Allardyce was Nigel Pearson, you just have to roll with it and give him enough rope, in the event, it didn't take him long to hang himself.

As much as I despise Pearson, he wasn't going to make me question my love for the club. 

I would take Nigel Pearson back and give him a 10 year contract over appointing Allardyce. You have to experience the lows to enjoy the highs but Allardyce would be lows I'm not equipped to deal with.

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When I was 8 years old my dad had me and my brother reciting the team players till we knew them all off by heart, Green, Webster, Robson......et al. He used to take us to reserve matches at baseball ground cos it was free and I loved it and that was it, hooked for life. I can't ever contemplate not being a fan, unless the unthinkable happened and they sold Will Hughes to Forest

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15 minutes ago, David said:

I would take Nigel Pearson back and give him a 10 year contract over appointing Allardyce. You have to experience the lows to enjoy the highs but Allardyce would be lows I'm not equipped to deal with.

I was apoplectic when Pearson was appointed, reading on here he was a class act, promotion was a shoe in, him saying he was a good fit for us and we were a good fit for him, pass me the bucket please.

I was a terrible time, then, down at Brighton, he decides to bench Hughes, the bozo. 

I'd you down as one I'd buy a pint for if I ever met up with anyone on here but you offering him a 10 year contract has given me doubts. :lol:

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