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Super Bowl 2017


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18 minutes ago, David said:

So I'm watching, no idea what's going off, some big dudes in the red team getting a tad excited when taking that Brady down.

Whats with the mascara under their eyes?

It reduces glare or something or just makes them look mean.

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2 minutes ago, uttoxram75 said:

Why is this in Other Sports?

Shud be moved to "The Pub" if we had a half decent Mod team?

Sport my arse.

Dominoes is more exciting.

I'm giving it a go, doubt I'll make it till 3am.

So far I've learnt the first half one team gets to start the game, one bloke has a load of protectors whilst he tries to launch the ball forward. Couple times they've got this Brady bloke down and some big black guy gets excited.

When the ball goes forward soon has they take him down they start again from that line. White team got nowhere near scoring.

2nd half now the reds go to play first, they get forward better and scored early on

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