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What are you eating tonight


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12 minutes ago, Angry Ram said:

Yeah it is.. Should have made myself a bit clearer. I have never used Just Eat or the like, always collect mine direct. Nice and fresh. 

I always see a massive line of mopeds waiting for orders and I assume Wagamamma's use a big on line provider for home deliveries. I always assume I will get some warm, been around for hours poo from the big chains.

I bet you’d be told to leave your private estate if they saw a chav on a bike delivering some scran wouldn’t you? 😀

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5 hours ago, Angry Ram said:

I quite like Wagamama but never had it as a takeaway. What did you have? Somethings are just not takeaway material.

Steamed buns, chicken dumplings, cold rice and firecracker sauce. 

The wife liked her steak and noodles, and the prawn starter was apparently nice, so maybe like you said it didn't travel well.

I've only ever been to teppen-yaki restaurant's before, probably not the best comparison to a takeaway.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Nothing as totally full from three course meal in a pub tent. 

First meal out since before Christmas and I have to say it was lovely. 

Beautiful circular walk round Dyrham and Hinton near Bath with spectacular scenery then a nice pint, some shared starters (pork belly bites, halibut scampi, chicken scotch egg with curry sauce)

Then had veggie risotto and finally elderflower and kiwi pavlova

Currently sitting here like Mr Creosote. 


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