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Hi all,

I have been meaning to join one of these forums, but just getting to grips with how to use the internet and e-mailing.

I have supported the rams for near on 50 yrs, but i am retired and live i Portugal now.

Hope Clough Jnr can take us forward and do what his dad did and put us on the world football map.


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Could'nt help but notice you are a bunch of philistines with very little culture on here.

As one who leans toward the written word as a work of art I feel inspired to educate you and introduce you to fine literature.

So, in the style of Wordsworth, I will treat you to the finest poetry that you will ever see on a football forum...........or not, as the case may be...

I wandered lonely as a cloud,

through cyberspace last week

My forum no more was allowed

due to references to Pete!

like all the rest I shed a tear

then looked for pastures new

DCFCfans have no fear

we're a decent little crew!

So thanks for taking waifs and strays-

I hope you won't be rough,

here's to decent posting days-

unless you slag off Clough!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:cool::)

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froggg been a derby fan since 1st clough arrived in the 60's. left the holy land in 85 moving around the country working in the nhs in mental health, before uni in oxford and moving in to management, now living the idilick lifestyle down in dorset and getting to the occaisional game...:D:D

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Hi I'm RamNut.................and I'm a Ramaholic.

I used to have a nice house, car, successful career but then I got invited to a game and it all started from there. I just loved it.

I thought I could handle it at at first. I went to a few more games - usually with friends- but then it became a regular thing. It just sort of took over. It got so that I was travelling to away games - trawling the back streets of Coventry, Leicester and Sheffield - looking for somewhere to park within walking distance of the ground. Eventually my mates got married or moved away. They fell by the wayside one by one, and I was even going to games on my own. Eventually my wife caught me looking at pictures of old players from the 70s and I had to confess that I'd got videos too. I tried to convince myself I didn't need it, but I spent all my time thinking about the last match, the next match, and even the reserves. I couldn't live a lie and in the end it just took over.

Inevitably I lost the house and the job.The wife left me.

Now I just get by as best as I can. I just take it a day at a time and I scrape a living by selling pegs to gipsies.

But I'm alright. I'll be no trouble. Just give me space and don't be too harsh on me if I start posting or joining in.

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Hi, I'm TheDuracellBunny - or, rather, I'm not because I can't fit that into the username box on this forum :frown:

Some say I have a tattoo of my face on my face and that I myself have the power to fire Alan Sugar.

All I know is that I'm a 16 year old Derby fan capable of posting some pretty irreverent stuff...

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im barrman, i sometimes post i sometimes dont, i no onger work in a bar so my name is now redundant

i have a season ticket, i told robbie savage to get a hair cut, and i also asked leacock if he minded me trying to give him the nickname of snoop dog

ive also kicked steve mclarens son in the head when playing cub football back in the day, i aimed for the ball and missed, im pretty crappy at the playing side of the game, but im a master of watching it

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Huge football fan, just love the game in general, sometime in the future i'd like to be involved in the running of a non league club, and one day retire to New Zealand and help the game out there somehow.

I had you down as "the loveable strange one" on the DET forum, but I've gotta hand it to you, you never fail to push the boundaries of eccentricity ;)

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im trigger a life long rams fan,

dragged up in moth eaton for most of my days ,

but moved over here to oz in 07,

still get up to watch the rams or listen in via any link i can find,

lets just say i have a diverse sense of humour that some of you wont like,

i normally say stuff without actually putting my brain into gear 1st,

if i offend then tuff sh1te:D

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I had you down as "the loveable strange one" on the DET forum, but I've gotta hand it to you, you never fail to push the boundaries of eccentricity ;)

Loveable strange one? Well, i'll take that and call it a win :D

And hey, I want to do alot of things. :) Also want to take part in the Dakhar Rally one day :cool:

I'd mention other things, but i'd be talking for a loooong time :D

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Hi all, I've also come over from the DET.

Think my last post was probably about 10 years ago on the great 'is it acceptable to boo Darryl Powell' thread but hopefully I'll get around to posting more often, new board new start and all that! :D

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