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I am the oldest on here. Been supporting the Rams since the late 60's.

Seen all the ups and downs, more down's in recent years.

Son in law's a scabby forest fan, he's said I should go and watch them, I said I would rather stick my dick in a vice.

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Hello there, Alex W here, real name Alexander but call me Alex anyhow.

Up and coming sports journalist, 19, migrated over to the DET forum. I'll be trying to revive that site if I can. Sit in the North Stand, though will be Press Box once my site is up.

I have my own live commentary site going up soon, which hopefully will take off in a big way. It looks like it's going to anyway!

Huge football fan, just love the game in general, sometime in the future i'd like to be involved in the running of a non league club, and one day retire to New Zealand and help the game out there somehow.

That's about it really! (Well, I don't want to ramble :D)

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My name is Luke Thornhill. I've been here since day one, well about day 3 or 4. I was on DET way back before it filled out with red dogs and mods who were more interested in protecting away fans than Derby fans.

Been a Derby fan for as long as I can remember, went to my first game at Bradford (we lost 1-0), had a season (originally in north, then in south) stands for a few seasons but couldn't afford to re-new before last season, still get to as many games as I can (only missed Cardiff so far this season)

I have aspirations in alot of things, most of which will never actually happen.

But yeah just a normal guy really, spend alot of time with the missus, at work, or (when I do get some time) on xbox or playing football.

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I'm Bristol Ram and I've moved here from the DET forum, which I'd only recently started posting regularly on.

I am a Christian, and I work with teenagers in a church down here, so I work weird hours, meaning I'm on here at odd times.

I'm originally a South Derbyshire lad, moved here ten years ago for work and married a Bristolian, so I think I'm staying here. But I still get up for games when I can, about five or six a season. I take my youngster to the odd reserve game... he's a bit young for the real thing, but it won't be long!

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Hi all,

I have been meaning to join one of these forums, but just getting to grips with how to use the internet and e-mailing.

I have supported the rams for near on 50 yrs, but i am retired and live i Portugal now.

Hope Clough Jnr can take us forward and do what his dad did and put us on the world football map.


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Could'nt help but notice you are a bunch of philistines with very little culture on here.

As one who leans toward the written word as a work of art I feel inspired to educate you and introduce you to fine literature.

So, in the style of Wordsworth, I will treat you to the finest poetry that you will ever see on a football forum...........or not, as the case may be...

I wandered lonely as a cloud,

through cyberspace last week

My forum no more was allowed

due to references to Pete!

like all the rest I shed a tear

then looked for pastures new

DCFCfans have no fear

we're a decent little crew!

So thanks for taking waifs and strays-

I hope you won't be rough,

here's to decent posting days-

unless you slag off Clough!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:cool::)

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froggg been a derby fan since 1st clough arrived in the 60's. left the holy land in 85 moving around the country working in the nhs in mental health, before uni in oxford and moving in to management, now living the idilick lifestyle down in dorset and getting to the occaisional game...:D:D

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