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Having a chuckle

Angry Ram

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Let's have it right, we got done big time yesterday.. We do like a melt down though don't we.. Don't get me wrong, I am all for a good melt down when it's due but the over reactions both ways over the last few months do make me chuckle..

I am no S Mac fan, he shafted us imo. The  so called messiah comes back and all of a sudden the sun is out and we go on a run.. Get Martin back and everything will be okay.. It's like the Sound of Music.. Mel is a god and Pearson, Clement the anti christ.. 

Some refused to get too excited about the run, it papered over a lot of cracks.. Now the secret is not to over react to a couple of bad games. I won't.. The stark reality is we are a mid to top half Championship team for a number of reasons.. So many mistakes have been made over the last couple of years it brings a tear to my eyes. Senior club officals, managers, coaches, the ***** who identify transfer targets without a thought if they will or will not, fit the team. No one person really.. One probably more comparable than others but not all his fault.

The team as it is today is in about the right league position.. We will win some and lose some but I doubt we will go up.. Even if we did we are a million miles off being a Premier League squad. Two years have set us back three or four. No point in scapegoating Hanson, Camara, Viydra, Shackell etc. Square pegs in round holes.

The rest of the season is going to be interesting.. Maybe just maybe we sign a superstar and Instart singing The hills are alive with the sound of music.. Maybe..

Lets enjoy the FA Cup..


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Agreed lets complete this season with the team we have without spending for players that are usually overpriced at this time of year

Give SM a proper crack at summer targets and move some of the squad members on

We have a good team that just require that little bit of extra quality to make all the difference

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A few teams in this league have moved forward. We have lost ground, through bad signings and the disruption caused by Clement and Pearson. It pains me to see this. We must have one of the poorest recruitment teams in the league. As Angryram says.....we are currently a top half championship team that may threaten the top 6. Not sure if there will be any further January transfer activity. Not even convinced that we will sign the right players for the right positions. Feel a bit despondent about it at the moment.....time for another beer!

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I've said it before, after signing Nugent, since Mel Morris came into the club we have spent roughly 45 million pound on transfer fees, from the days of Paul Thirlwell its absolutely baffling to think.

If I was given 45 million to spend I would be willing to bet my home, wife and kids that I would get the club promoted within a couple of years. 45 million is enough to build a premier league winning side, let alone get out the championship.

I do agree we have The worst recruitment team in the country.

We are trying to go for the quick fix, signing so called proven players in the hope of going up. Meanwhile clubs like Bournemouth and Brighton go about their business signing some of their players from lower leagues and eventually become premier league clubs.

How can Brentford continually find gems, Andre Grey for 1 million and sold for 9, hogan signed for 2 and valued at 15 million.

All we get is Nick Blackman and Camara.

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