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Favourite vegetable

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48 minutes ago, StivePesley said:


I have a life-threatening allergy to cucumber.

If someone puts it in my salad it makes me want to kill them

Have you tried letting someone peel your cucumber first?

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3 hours ago, Tony Le Mesmer said:

Not for many people. They are from the nightshade family of plants like tomatoes and for many people they can cause a number of health issues. Like allergies if you like.

The green bits of potatoes are where the toxins are released by the potato to to fight off invading organisms and these are poisonous to the human body.

A tip for you is to peel potatoes well and soak them in cold water for a number of hours before using them. This draws out some of the starch but more importantly lots of the toxins from the potatoes that can harm the body.

Potatoes are not a natural food in the food chain that humans have been eating for thousands of years. They were only recently discovered in the last few hundred years and IMO they aren't of much benefit.

They taste good though and that's the problem!

Considered a very healthy food really.  An excellent source of energy, high in fiber, calcium and potassium. Some nations, i won't embarrass by mentioning, lived on little else for a couple of centuries.That wouldn't be possible if they were of little benefit to humans.

You are right, the green bits on the skin have to be removed and are toxic, but otherwise the skin is the healthiest part so it's a good idea to eat that too.

Obviously chips soaked in fat are a little less healthy. But then they don't need to be because they taste like chips !

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15 hours ago, reveldevil said:


Cheese I could make myself through poor hygiene, but grapes, wine and brandy would complete the necessary food groups.

You've made me feel quite ill....:blink:

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