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Arsene Titman

Razza Camara

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McClaren mentioned that Camara pulled out of the squad at the weekend due to personal problems with his wife. 

Perhaps there's something in this. 

But it would be a massive shame, as in his odd cameo here and there he's looked like a real impact player. 

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1 minute ago, RadioactiveWaste said:

So we might get our money back on Razza, which isn't that bad and if we're getting a new winger in, some have got to be going out.

Its worth remembering, Pearson really liked Weimann,but he got injured before the season started.


Pearson liked him because Wiemann meets Pearson's two criterias for a good player:

  • Does he run a lot ?
  • Does he run fast ?

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Hope he stays, certainly more promising than Blackman. Hasn't even started two consecutive games has he? Hardly a chance to impress, and lets be honest Weimann Blackman (and even Russell these days) don't look like massive improvements on Razza at all. 

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It's a weird one, as I feel like I haven't seen enough of him to grow any kind of attachment to care about his possible departure, but simultaneously I have seen enough of him to wonder what he'd be like if he had 5-6 starts in games and built a playing relationship with the players around him.

its just one of those where, if it is true that he's on his way, then Mac and CP think they can get better you've kinda just go with it.

I'm reminded of Dawkins in a similar way. Where as Camara has some great pace, Dawkins had a really nice touch and pass. But not all the time, and nothing else enough for us now to be missing him.

Que Sara 

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5 minutes ago, needles said:

I like Camara up to a point, but if he was all that he'd have made some sort of stab at tying down a shirt at some point in the last year surely? Move on. Try the next one.


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