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Radio Derby, down the pan?


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I think the service is shocking now that Fletcher has gone.

That Bloomingberg whatever his name is has no idea.

Even Roger Davies has to tell him who scores, and he's as dull as dish water.

Yesterdays stand in at least showed a bit of passion when we scored, but did you hear the Forest score at full time? 0-2 they said. Was it fook!

Get rid, get some auditions for derby fans to make the step up.

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You want the man sacked a couple weeks before Christmas?...you evil get!....give him till January then get rid. Having to listen to the commentary week in week out, I can honestly say Bloomfield is to powder puff for football commentary. It's all well and good apologising saying your crap at your job, that doesn't help the listeners. Go get a job flippin burgers at McDonalds instead and give the microphone up.

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i have listened a couple of times when your games don't clash with ours, and i have to say there's nothing there...

Radio Nottingham you feel like your listening to people that genuinely want Forest to win.. and know whats happening infront of them and around the league...

Radio Derby you don't get any of that... you just get a bloke who wants a job in radio, who's trying to make some ground by doing the Football coverage

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Bakeri, he has a job in radio, he's on Radio Dead from 5 every night.

I'm taking my snipers rifle to the next match.

Maybe they ought to let his guide dog do the commentry?

(Boycie, of course, would never shoot any body in the head from 500 yards)

((Boycie will have had some beer in him before the game, so his trigger finger will be as shakey as a sh!tting dog))

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