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Mads Mørch


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Google translation

Goalkeeper Mads Mørch (16) signed on Thursday evening.

This will be fun and a great challenge. It is now the start and everything is up to me, "said Mads Mørch (16).

Thursday evening was the Derby academy manager, Darren Wassall, home of the family Mørch on Tregde to land a two-year contract with goalkeeper talent from Mandalskameratene.

Afterwards, the clubs agreed the Sports Park in Mandal.

- Do what it takes

- Of course, we believe Mads can be keeper of the A-team. If not, I had not been here. He has skills, he is very present, he is a good shot stopper and not least he seems willing to sacrifice what it takes, "said Wassall, who was the Premiership professional in Derby in the mid 90s.

After three training stay with the club, who currently lies in 17th in the English Championship (level 2), specific Derby manager and former Liverpool and Nottingham Forest star, Nigel Clough, the Mørch could be Derby player if he wanted.

Leaving in July

Now he has decided.

In July, solo 16-year-old mother Mona, dad and little brother Rune Klaus to live with six other boys with a host family in town that has about 250,000 inhabitants.

PS! Lars Bohinen and Bjorn Otto Bragstad is the only Norwegians who have played in the Midlands club. Bohinen played 56 league games from 1998-2000, while Bragstad played 13 matches from 2000-2002.

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Torsdag kveld var Derbys akademisjef, Darren Wassall, hjemme hos familien Mørch på Tregde for å lande en toårskontrakt med keepertalentet fra Mandalskameratene

this one made more sense

as the only bit i understood was derby and darren wassall

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