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FAO: Knabby Crackers


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At least he can be relieved he posted this on a forum which has about 15 regular posters, instead of our biggest forum where he'd have been crucified :thumbsup:

Nothing anybody does on the internet will ever beat that Millwall fan who didn't understand why he couldn't purchase a casual ticket for the seat which he already owned a season ticket for :lol:

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47 minutes ago, Derby_EnglandLoyal said:


Do you think AN will stay on to end of the season or hoping that he gets the sack? 

To put it simply, Delia has gone rogue and our club is f*cked. 

Our Chief Executive, the one who no fans wanted, is being paid to act as a board puppet to spread propaganda, the board / Chief Exec are refusing interviews with the local media and instead producing their own North Korea style interviews where they choose their own questions and a club employee asks them, Delia has put her nephew on the board of directors (he's about 30 and details about his CV are sparse / he probably did the filing somewhere). 

They have no intention of sacking Alex Neil, they've made that very clear today. The vast majority of fans want him sacked. 

A bet on us getting relegated this season may be worth a score, if the bookies haven't cottoned on yet.

Our club is in trouble.

One theory being muted is that the club wants to offload a lot of high earners in the January window and replace them with cheap players, possibly including some of our best players, so they'll keep Alex Neil for the January window and then sack him in February so the next manager doesn't take the flack.

Either Delia has started on an Oyston-esque path (read into that what you will, I won't explain what I mean because they have been known to sue people for forum posts), or the club is just completely broke and needs to liquidise the playing squad.

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4 hours ago, NorwichLad said:

the board / Chief Exec are....producing their own....interviews where they choose their own questions and a club employee asks them,

We've had that for yonks. No-one even seems to notice that it is strange anymore.

P.s. There are some great car parks to visit in derbyshire. Don't just restrict yourselves to the few around Pride Park. I would suggest that you make a weekend of it and try out some of the others too. If you like curved layouts with pay and display then try out the big car park at Carsington water between Cromford and Ashbourne. For a more orthodox rectilinear layout, the very busy car park at Ikea off M1 junction 26 is good too. 

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Interesting post about the plight of the club as that isn't apparent from the outside. Obviously the run you're on is terrible but it just looks like a manager who has lost the dressingroom.

A friend is on casual talking terms with Rowett and he said he seemed pretty relaxed about the sacking. With a payoff and then walking into a club like Norwich who seemed to be in a better state than Birmingham then I could see why....but seems that conspiracy theory is wrong then!!

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