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Remy is an all time classic brand of real quality. You won't go wrong with that. I had a godfather who was really in to Brandy and he always chose whichever was the top one from Hine but that's a long time ago. The other thing you could try is Armagnac which is the same thing .. I.e. Still Brandy but not from Cognac which is a region next to Bordeaux .. Armagnac is I think further south and just not as famous. Both are made from white wine grapes. Truthfully though you get what you pay for. 

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19 hours ago, philmycock said:

Hennessy the best? What's the best way to mix it, or should it be taken straight in a proper glass? Any experts on here? Gonna treat us to a fine brandy this Xmas but I'm a spirit novice

Not a cognac but a cheap and wonderful sipping brandy is metaxa 7 star. As Eddie says warm in the hand in a crystal brandy balloon.

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As Cognac is my Christmas tipple

I had a Remy Martin XO last year and boy it was good but....

I did prefer the Hennessy XO from a few years back (and only paid £85 for a bottle)

I'm no connoisseur but you like what you like

I was bought a bottle of Frapin VS cognac once and it was the best VS iv ever tasted so this year i'm going to try this 


And not too expensive!

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