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Graham Richards


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He needs a testimonial, just one last game where we can listen to him and actually feel the game being played rather than the dross we have to hear from the current team.

If this were to happen, anybody that tries to tell me that Ramage and whatshisname are any good would soon back track.

This guy is a legend and the best commentator we ever had.

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3 minutes ago, RamNut said:

Talks utter sh-t

I trust you are joking.

Have you never heard of the Twin Towers?

That image of Brian Deane going down stays with me more than anything from today's Radio Derby commentary.

GR is the only radio commentator who would make Sky redundant.

Now that the EU and PC (no, not Paul Clement) is at last being consigned to the junk bin, let's have the great man back please.

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5 minutes ago, CHCDerby said:

Do you think his breath smells then?

Lol probably.

walking away from one the best games you could see in the championship to hear GR declare it disappointing and start moaning about about Wednesday and their manager. Having failed to witness what was in front of his eyes he then proceeds to reminisce about Stimac's debut from 20 years ago and the fact that he and the whole Radio Derby team agreed it was going to be a relegation season. Someone shoot him. It would be the kindest thing.

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