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POLL: Selling Hendrick; a good decision?


Selling Hendrick; Good decision?  

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Agree in the main with the previous comments, but the only issue for me was not replacing him. I said in the Hendrick transfer thread that for all of his failings, the vast majority of our best performances in the last 3 yes came with him in the team - he gave us a balance in midfield which has been sadly missing without him. Maybe when Thorne is fit Johnson will end up doing the same role.

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I have little doubt it was a good decision on many levels.

  • He was being offered PL footy and probably some big bucks, difficult to resist
  • > £10m, he just didn't perform often enough to say no to that sort of money
  • We have a plethora of midfielders of varying different types and abilities, at least getting shot of one helps see the wood for the trees a little bit
  • > £10m again. Jeff Hendrick. FFS.

While, obviously, we haven't really performed since he left, I don't think he would or could have made the difference.

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 He wanted to go, you can't stand in the way of him wanting to play in the Premier League and £10m is a ridiculous amount for him.

i would much rather have him in the side instead of Butterfield and Johnson. I always liked seeing Jeff,Will and George in the midfield.

When he's back in the championship next season playing in front of 15k he might get itchy feet again and we'll buy him back for £5m!

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Just now, eddie said:

The hole in what could laughingly be described as our midfield suggests that he is being sorely missed.

Couldn't agree more. The lack of support from the midfield moving up to the striker is painful.

However I'm not complaining at the £10.5m fee.

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