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Random stuff that cheers me up thread

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11 minutes ago, Malagaram said:

Should have waited till they had a frost on them, and did you remember to rick each one with a pin

We go hi-tech and make our own frost! (Might not be any left if we waited either 😉 )  Put them in the freezer and then you can use them when you've time/need. Plus you don't need to rick them (if you really do) because their skin will break on freezing. 🙂

Must remember to decant ours from the kilner jars, add sugar and then bottle fairly soon now.

ps If you're in Spain do you make patcharan? We've tried but don't have access to the spirit so used ouzo.

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John Lewis delivered and fitted a new washing machine and tumble dryer yesterday.

The fella had to remove a piece of skirting to fit the washer, and somehow dropped it on the washer front, causing a tiny scratch. He took a picture, sent it to his boss, who then offered a replacement or 10% off the price.

Mrs Rev took the discount, then used a bit of elbow grease to remove the scratch, which was just paint from the skirting board!

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I’ve just spent a few hours stranded in my car, what I witnessed filled me with faith and pride. There was a group of local students, latterly joined by others, pushing cars up the hill in the snow. It was basically a blizzard and freezing and these selfless people, with no expectation of reward, spent easily 3 hours pushing cars up the road. 👏🏼 i salute you all. 

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Free Beer .. yes .. really

went to Majestic on Ashbourne Rd to buy some wine

Lo and behold .. at the cash desk there they are a dozen or so bottles  “out of date” on 20th feb .. described as free and so they were. The joys of food labelling and responsible retailers 

 4 bottles - ( I’m not greedy ) for the next lap top game  .. cost ? sweet fanny adams .. happy days 

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