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on a slightly sour note...


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Is any one brave enough to confess that they joined in the offensive song about Jimmy Saville after just 2 minutes? I was embarrassed and mightily releaved it didn't happen again. 

Some might say it was just banter but, in my opinion, went too far similar to a certain song following Doughty's death.  

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You could probably be subject to legal action admitting you joined in. If Leeds decide to get mardy about it. Unlikely but there you go. Has happened before. 

Its one of those songs that I at first found funny but when you think about it a bit more it's ridiculous. Like someone said to me, if we're going to sing that, you could have no problem if they started singing about Mick Philpott (although not topical now I suppose). Would be hypocritical. 

Bit like "we can see you holding hands" at Brighton. When you give it some thought,  it's not funny and taking aside how offensive it is, it's just stupid above all else. Then some of the more homophobia chants, for example singing about what Joey Barton's brother might be experiencing in prison just made us look stupid when the game was a designated "Football vs Homophobia" game...

Tell you what, I've sang some of them, and then come to the conclusion that they're awful later. I think people just don't think about what they're singing. When they give enough thought the subject they're mocking, they'll probably realise it's not even funny even if you've got no moral conscience at all. 

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17 minutes ago, TroyDyer said:

I think if you rape kids and shag dead bodies, you are probably fair game for a chant. 

I think you missed the point. The chant was associating Jimmy Savile with Leeds fans.

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5 minutes ago, dcfcfan1 said:

Its all a bit of banter tbh


I dont take life seriously, but thats just me. Its just a laugh

It's only banter if you have the IQ of a yogurt.

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When you join in with this 'banter' then I hold the belief that you genuinely hold the opinion that singing about a child sex abuser even in jest, is morally and socially acceptable.

When in fact it's not. IMO.

I dare say that if any of you were meeting new people, in a new job for example. You probably wouldn't go around making jokes about Jimmy Saville or Madelaine McCann (Boyle) because most of the other people, if not all, are likely to find you a bit odd and distance themselves from you.

There is a reason for this.

Just my opinion. People sing and say what they see fit to as is their free choice.

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53 minutes ago, David said:

If you can give the Jimmy Saville chant can you take the Philpott chant?

Both vile men who have committed crimes that shouldn't be involved in any kind of "banter" in football grounds. 

Give me a We are Derby, Super Derby over any of that rubbish any day.

Exactly my point. 

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