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Time to remember how you used to feel about football


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I saw this story about a young lad sending a letter to Fulham midfielder Tom Cairney, including tips like "try a overhead kick" and "run faster" :lol: and then he even put his £3 pocket money in. 


Really reminded me of the innocence with which I used to love football, before I became cynical and exposed/aware of all the bad things about it.

Watch the video and tell me if it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling! :lol: 

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Don't know if you've been watching any of the BT sport matches from the 80's this week but it looks like a totally different game from today.

The biggest difference are the pitches. 

I always remember the smell of cigar smoke from the stands. 

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Sounds like another reason to get BT Sport.

I remember seeing watching the ted McMinn testemonal against Rangers.

Featuring an awful lot of exDerby+a couple of ex forest players which reminded me of when I was a kid watching them and how much better football was back then. Made me want to cry or wish I was 12 years old again.

I didnt get to go to the Shawn barker testamonial ;(

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I remember getting a pat on the head or the like after thanking a player for his autograph, it meant the world to me as a nipper and I'd show it to everybody I could.

I was quite pleased to read Warnock has told his players to sign autographs and make time for kids, I detest this sorry son, can't sign an autograph, I can't see you I've got my headphones on attitude from some players.

It might mean fook all to them but they could be making an unforgettable memory for some kid.

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