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Samsung admit they make rubbish phones


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Samsung has urged owners of the Galaxy Note 7 to turn off the smartphone while it investigates new reports of the device catching fire.

The South Korean firm also said it would stop all sales of the phone.

Samsung recalled 2.5 million phones in September after complaints of exploding batteries and later assured customers that all replaced devices were safe.

But there are now reports that even those phones that had been replaced were catching fire.


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That applies to any electronic device, cars, clothing you name it. Whilst people may feel they have valid concerns with Apple hardware and limited customisation in the software, the build quality of Apple products is second to none. The only complaint you could really have is that they are prone to scratches but then any phone is treated the wrong way.

I don't recall any widespread issues with iPhones catching on fire, then the replacements that "fixed" the issues also catching on fire. 


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I like my iPhone. I've had them since the 3GS.

What I'm getting fed up with is the cynical annual incremental update to their products, because they know that many of their customers are like blind sheep.

Look folks, we've taken the earphone jack away for some reason.....oh yeah, that's it - so we can make the phone 2 microns thinner. Oh, and by the way, you've now got something else you've got to keep charging up. That's £900 please.

Had to chuckle at this...


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To sell accessories with the lightening connection you have to pay Apple a licensing fee and percentage of sales. Companies like Spigen, Belkin have no choice but to pay up. This had nothing to do with advancing technology.  

They spoke in the keynote about a wireless future yet we're still attached to one of the worst charging cables to ever exist, I go through more cables than hot dinners. 

See I'm not totally blind.

I get it tho, drip feed us new features each year for maximum profits, that's business. Next year is the big anniversary, wireless charging will be announced yet Samsung will have had it for 2 years already, beat them to water resistant as well, Apple do need to up their game as they do not hold the innovating title they think they do.

For the size of that company and the money they have it's fair to say they have some incredibly stupid design engineers. If the ear pods are not bad enough take a look at the Magic Mouse 2, the charging port is underneath, there is literally no way it can be used whilst charging. Forget to charge it you're screwed. 

Apple have one thing Samsung will never have tho, iOS. It's iOS, OSX, Watch OS which is why I'm in love with Apple. I'm not interested in changing font, colours, installing virus filled pirated games on my phone and more settings than a NASA control centre. It's a phone. When I see screenshots of customised Android phones they all have the look of a toy you would see in Argos kids section. 

One week with the flagship Samsung phone, S7 Edge I felt like I had a prototype phone that wasn't ready for public launch....a bit like the Note 7 I guess although this is more down to Android than Samsung.  


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5 minutes ago, Mostyn6 said:

I have a Sony. It's awesome.

So do I - no probs with it at all....

I had a Samsung Galaxy S4 a few years ago - that used to overheat terribly and would cause the battery to warp (which would then cause the phone to switch off at random times) - I contacted Samsung UK who weren't interested at all (despite the exact same issue being shown on BBC Watchdog - some people even had their phones burst into flames) - they sent me a replacement battery but wouldn't admit there was a basic design fault. That was the main reason I swapped to my Sony Xperia.

I'd be more than happy for Samsung's phone business to go down the pan after the contemptuous way they've treated their customers.....

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10 minutes ago, Millenniumram said:

Setting people on fire with a phone? Are Samsung trying to punish the idiots who decided that buying a Samsung over an iPhone was a good idea!:lol:

No idea why anyone would buy either of them. Both companies clearly taking the pi$$. 

They could probably sell their top phones for £200 or less, and still make massive profits. Their profit figures alone should tell you to steer clear. And as for the 'it just works'  stuff. Have you ever been in one of their shops and seen the queue for help and training? 

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