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Looks pretty chilled, so maybe he trappist ****** in the fridge door.

I'm definitely going to make my own beer at some point in the future, no idea when, but it will happen.


PM me when you decide to take the plunge, and I'll give you plenty of do's and don'ts

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Today's 'Beer of the Day' (well, FIRST beer of the day) is a cheeky little number.


When I was a kid, we used to go on holiday to Barry Island. So I popped into Tescos tonight and there it was: "Barry Island IPA". It's brewed by Brains Craft Brewery in Cardiff in collaboration with Simon Martin (Real Ale Guide) and is said to be inspired by some of the brilliant APAs coming out of America at the moment.


Quite hoppy by British standards (liberal use of Zeus, Cascade and Summit give it a nice citrus flavour) but the base malt flavour still comes through early. Don't expect an American-style APA - it is definitely not that, but as someone who is not a great fan of beers that make my cheeks touch each other, I'm not too fussed about that.


Nowhere near as nice as Brewdog's Punk IPA, but tasty all the same.

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