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On 14/01/2017 at 22:22, Inverurie Ram said:

I enjoyed a few Leffe's yesterday with crackers, cheese and cottage delight sweet apple chutney.

I enjoy the Guiness craft lager stuff and I'm also someone that can swing both ways, enjoy the light, enjoy the dark I say.

If any of you wonderful folk are ever up this way check out 6 Degrees North Belgium pub in Aberdeen, Stonehaven, which has now also opened up in Glasgow and Edinburgh and looking to open up in England etc. Absolutely far better than the very overrated Brew Dog, a lot of that stuff tastes like home made perfume, what kids made out of petals when they were 5, not that I drunk many pints of kids perfume when I was 5 or now, but I think you'll get my drift. Plus you have to have a silly beard and gel your hair back and wear lumberjack shirts and think you look cool to drink the overrated pish!

The owner of 6 D N, a lovely man, gave us a box of various beers when my youngest lad was born, lovely stuff.

6 Degrees North



My brother had a load of their stuff when I went round to his at Christmas, very nice.  He also gave me some raspberry beer and some blackcurrant beer that were an acquired taste.......

He is trying to stock some in Elrick.


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Pretty sure I had a Guiness blond beer / lager in Dublin last year that was excellent. Can't find it in the UK.  Stayed in a hotel that was attached to a massive beer garden come nightclub and all Guiness drinks and jeagerbombs were 2 euros all day and night.  

Ended up drinking in the beer garden until closing time at 4am when this older bloke in a black suit with gold dripping off him came strolling up to us with 4 security guards round him pointing us out. 

He was from Norn Irn, turns out he owned the place and proceeded to tell us that he had been watching us all night drinking in his bar. All drinks were now free what would we like?  From 4am to 7am we stayed up with him in the beer garden, free drinks, until breakfast was served in the hotel. Happy days.


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