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Inverurie Ram

The Wedding Present

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Another perfect album by Mr Gedge and his team.... Cant wait for them to get over here next spring, I would advise everyone on here to get tickets to see them in Derby they are great live.

Best album is definitely George Best and anyone that says otherwise is wrong.. ha ha.. Seamonsters is a close second though.

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Something Left Behind - George Best Documentary & 30th Anniversary Tour (Last Time To Be Played Live)

website: http://www.somethingleftbehind.com
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/theweddingpresentdoc
instagram: http://www.instagram.com/theweddingpresentdoc
twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TWPdocumentary


October 1987 George Best Tour Dates 

Did you see them back then, and want to feature in the documentary etc?



I saw them a couple of weeks ago as part of the radio 6 festival at Glasgow Broadcast and already looking forward to seeing them in Glasgow in May and down at Indie Tracks in Derbyshire etc and possible others.

Up The Wedding Present!

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Enjoyed watching Something Left Behind, The Wedding Present Documentary Film at the Glasgow Film Theatre on Sat 6th Oct 2018.

Followed by a curry and a few beers and then some more beer whilst enjoying The Wedding Present play live at Saint Luke's church in Glasgow. 

The Wedding Present currently on the radio on BBC6 on Marc Riley's show on Mon 8th Oct 2018. Loving it!

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I'm looking forward to seeing the film. I provided some of my home video footage of Leeds streets in the late 1980s to the film maker, and he said that he used a bit. I'm suspecting he didn't use much, but still it all counts! Not sure if I get a credit for it or not though.

Saw them in Notts the other week and it was one of the best setlists I've seen them do i a while. Having a listen to the new 6 Music session later

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On 09/10/2018 at 16:27, Anag Ram said:

I'll be watching them in Bristol on Friday 7th December, two days after watching Young Fathers.

What a scallywag I am.

Young Fathers was cancelled but Hen he and co were superb on the Thekla (gig on a boat)..

Even did Interstate 5.

Every time I book I wonder if I've seen them too many times yet when they start I know I was right to go.

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