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Chris Martin - Signed for Fulham

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2 minutes ago, McLovin said:

Completely disagree but you're entitled to you opinion

In my opinion, we won't see anywhere near the best of Will Hughes in a flat 4-4-2.

Let's agree to disagree.

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4 minutes ago, JoeDerby said:

how do you know that he's desperately unfit?

He looks the slimmest he's ever been in a derby shirt to me? or do I need a trip to specsavers?

I can't wait for the meltdown when we haven't got a goal scorer next season...


Surely the whole thing about having a plan B last season, would be the same again this year if we can't shift into a 4-3-3 and only have strikers that can play in a 2?

I would do anything to keep Martin, he's been class for us over the last few years and he's been more than involved in everything good we have done and when he hasn't been fit, we have been shocking! Do we really want to move all these players on? he would be a massive miss for me!


Chrissy Martin, Derby's number 9!!




McLovin just answered for me, but I will add that I don't buy that Martin looks the slimmest he's been at Derby right now. There was a moment against Grimsby where he tried to stretch to nod in a header and it looked Sunday league fitness levels. I think it's about looking to bring in a more versatile and dynamic number 9 now, someone less arrogant as well. Arrogance is OK when you can play against the likes of Grimsby without embarrassing yourself. Used to be a Martin fan by the way, despite never enjoying watching 'that type of striker' i.e. Howard, Hulse

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Martin has had his day at Derby and needs to move on. Yes he's scored 20+ goals a season but IMO we can get better and need to be looking at better to get out of this league.

We keep mentioning about breaking the system up and not having the right players to fit a new system, the old system hasn't exactly got us promoted has it and needs to be changed.

Pearson won't put up with a lazy attitude which is what Martin has had and Tuesday just took the micky.

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Ross McCormack went for £12m and he's a similar level, and two years older than Martin.

I'm not surprised Wolves want him - he always plays well against Wolves so they see the best of him.

£15m and close the door on your way out thanks

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6 minutes ago, sage said:

On what basis do you judge that? 

Did he play much worse than Blackman or Bent?

Looked fit to me on Saturday and did a good job when he came on, he added something to the team along with Hughes and Butters. 

I don't think any player in the championship is worth £6m + but that's the price they are going for and a forward with a history of 20 goals a season is a major asset so I would say £10m is about right even if it is a stupid amount of money. IF we did sell, then Asombalonga for me

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3 minutes ago, JoeDerby said:

We must be the only club in the world that would happily move on their most prolific striker for the past god knows how many years! 


He at least deserves a proper go at 4-4-2!


Baffled :blink:

If we do sell him then I don't think it would be because Martin can't play 4-4-2. Like you said not all of our players may be comfortable playing 4-4-2 so there has to be another reason for me. As I said before I've heard from a few people that Pearson isn't happy with his general attitude and his application. Maybe he sees him as one of the "bad" eggs in the dressing room?

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