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While im in a foul mood with the exploits of another inept management and team display I will ask a question.

Regarding next seasons season tickets do you

a/ not getting one,dont live in Derby.

b/ not getting one...its awful at the mo and I aint wasting my cash

c/getting one...its my team

d/getting one...cause Ive got to,got a kid to take.

e/waiting for a bit.

I know its very early for this,I just want to get opinion.I am (d)

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c for me went bst part of 3 years without one when i moved away aint gonna give it up now :Deven tho i've gotta pay an extra £200 next season on top of this seasons price :rolleyes:

Good lad.

Bad times will go, rather grin and bare them rather that than be sat at home with my arms crossed and bottom lip stuck out.

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