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Picture where you, and your knee are now.


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6 minutes ago, Rev said:

Proof that Covid does indeed cause a severe loss of taste.


Socks and sliders is down with the kids these days, not sure about crocs and socks though!

I have some crocs, fluffy inside, great they are. Not that I wear them anywhere people would see me

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1 hour ago, Coconut said:

Surely the plebs are the ones who read "Picture where you and your knee are now" and took it to mean that your knee had to be included in the photo? A basic lack of reading comprehension on display.

Unless people were going out and about without their knee, detaching them somehow, then all criteria are met whether they are showing them in the photo or not.

If anything the old thread title was discriminatory against above-the-knee-amputees - if you didn't have any knees you weren't allowed to post, at least not if you weren't in the habit of carrying around your amputated leg in a bag everywhere you went.

Right now @Mucker1884isnt my favourite poster..  However BACK OFF.. Knees are obligatory.. Only @frogggcan rule on this.

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5 hours ago, Mucker1884 said:

I have to agree wholeheartedly. 
Even Muckerette has got into the act on a couple of occasions., as my previous posts in here can attest.  She often suggests another knee job, when out and about on holiday.  

Changing the thread title to suit the plebs who can't stick to the topic is an absolute disgrace.  If I knew how to flounce, I bloody well would... right outta this joint*!

... But I don't... so I won't.  So there!




*Careful... Y'all nearly missed that pun! 


Same here mate, family and friends are amused and entertained by my ability to get knee, beer and background in alignment.


great pun btw, have a patella on the back!

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On 22/07/2021 at 12:05, uttoxram75 said:

2 hr David changed the title to Picture where you are now


Ive entertained people the length and breadth of the country trying to contort my body to get the background and knee in perfect symmetry only for you to make all that effort redundant.

Shame on you. 

Takes taking the knee to a whole new level… 

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