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Random stuff that annoys me thread

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Friends or people on tv quoting 'twitter' or 'social media' as they were any more worthy than saying 'a bloke down the pub said'. It isn't at least you are having a pint listening to the pub bore's comments.


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Selfies, particularly 2 types.

1. A group of women doing a sideways pout about 30 times on a night out.

2. People taking pictures of themselves next to every tourist attraction or famous building they pass. I believe you went there, I don't need fooking proof.

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Dumb,annoying commercials that do not make me want to buy the product being advertised, but rather do anything but.

Amazing how some of these commercials even make the air with how annoying and stupid some of them are.

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American fast food companies that call themselves Resaurants

Expensive Brands and their customers who sell and buy nothing more than labels when, at the price, they should be having real substance and integrity in terms of material and workmanship.

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