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Council ponders stadium extension


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Businesses in Derby may be asked to help contribute towards a £26m extension to Pride Park Stadium as part of the city's World Cup bid.

Derby is bidding to become one of 12 host cities as England bids to stage the 2018 World Cup.

Capacity at Derby County's stadium would need to increase from 33,500 to 45,000 to meet FA criteria.

The city council will discuss the proposals at a meeting of full council on Wednesday evening.

Councillors will look at proposals to charge firms an extra levy to help fund the development.

'Huge opportunity'

Adam Wilkinson, chief executive of the city council, said: "We have looked at various options and calculated some possible ways of finding the money we need to fund the World Cup in Derby.

"These are significant figures and may cause some concern both to businesses and residents but we believe the economic benefits to Derby far outweigh the costs.

"This is a huge opportunity that we need to grasp, the recommendations set out how we propose to move forward."

Proposal for the extension would include some temporary and permanent seating, which would leave the stadium with a capacity of between 35,000 and 38,000 after the event.

Labour city councillor Chris Williamson said: "We're very much in favour of the World Cup being hosted in Derby.

"I think it will bring huge benefits to the city both in terms of really putting Derby on the map and generating new investment and job opportunities."

A decision on which country will host the 2018 World Cup will be made in December 2010.


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marvellous 26 million for an extra 1-5000 seats great value.....:confused: i can't see any astute business going for that:rolleyes:

i think its more the revenue for the city itself also mate not just ticket prices just think how many would travel to world cup games travel food accomodation ect...

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£100m my arse, if Pride Park was named one of the stadiums we would end up hosting some crappy game that nobody is interested and it pains me to say it but the fans would probably end up staying in Nottingham visiting places such as Sherwood Forest in the hope of seeing Robin Hood robbing the chavs to pay for his drug habit.

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I hate to say it but I still think Nottingham is a better place to stay if you are a tourist. When I lived in Derby I would always be out down Nottingham at the weekend, the shopping is better, the pubs are better, it's just a shame they have a ***** football club and tosspots living there.

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