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McEveley heart stopped during op


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A fortnight ago, McEveley went under the knife to correct the facial injury he sustained during the Rams' Championship defeat at Middlesbrough, but during the operation his heart stopped and doctors fought for two minutes to resuscitate the 24-year-old.

McEveley, who will celebrate the birth of his first child before the end of the year, is not expected to suffer any long-term heart problems following the scare but admits the ordeal has changed his perspective on life.

Recalling the events of October 22, he said: "I've had operations under general anaesthetic before and I thought this would just be another routine procedure, but it didn't go according to plan. My heart decided to stop when I was on the operating table.

"Obviously, I didn't realise until I woke up in intensive care when I was wired to machines that were monitoring me and my heart.

"I didn't really know where I was at first and my chest was hurting a bit but then the doctors explained to me what had happened.

"I was told my heart had stopped for two minutes. When I was told it was pure shock. I couldn't believe it. It was so surreal.

"If it was 10 or 20 seconds or something like that then I probably wouldn't have thought much about it but two minutes is a long time and it was very scary.

"I don't know if it was a reaction to the anaesthetic, but I've had five operations now and never had anything like that.

"They put contacts in your eyes for the operation because they are going near your face. I was told that there are lots of nerves in your face that are connected to your heart and the doctors said that if they touch one of them it could slow your heart rate, so that could've been the cause.

"I was told that because I have a slow resting heart rate anyway because I am physically fit, it then just went right down and stopped."

McEveley added: "They kept me in hospital for a while and did some tests on my heart and everything seems okay. I was wondering whether I'd ever be able to play again because you hear about players collapsing on the pitch.

"It has been racing through my mind that when I'm running and my heart is working at a high intensity is it going to give way on me? But thankfully I've been told it won't affect my career or my life."

The operation on McEveley's cheekbone was a success and, after being fitted for a protective mask, he will be included in Derby's squad for the league game against midlands rivals Coventry at Pride Park on Friday night.

Remarkably, McEveley is not the only Derby player to have suffered a heart scare recently.

The promising career of young defender Mark O'Brien has been temporarily put on hold after a routine scan revealed a heart defect.

The 16-year-old has had surgery and it is hoped he will be back in action in January.



They will do owt to get out of playing on tomorrow, sack the lot of em :rolleyes:

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Poor Jay, it must be very worrying, even being told you're fine. Hope he gets a run out on Friday, just to give him a bit of confidence.

All the best to the young lad too, would be devastating to be told you're career is over before it had a chance to start.:frown:

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should have happened to commons for at least 2weeks!:D

as you might have guessed , trig hates forest fans and players (and even some people who write on forums)

whoops i can sense another card coming on,

but if you dont give me a card that would be MASSIVELY appropriate!:D

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Just over a fortnight after fracturing his cheekbone, courageous Jay McEveley is preparing to return to action.

The 24-year-old defender sustained the fracture in Derby's 2-0 defeat at Middlesbrough on 20 October.

But thanks to a protective mask Jay is in line for a return in tomorrow's televised clash with Coventry City at Pride Park Stadium.

His return is even more remarkable when the facts of his operation to repair the cheekbone are considered.

Whilst on the operating table Jay's heart stopped for two minutes, causing a major fright to his friends, family and all connected with Derby County, before being revived by medics.

But, like the character he is, Jay has taken it all in his stride although admits it was a worrying time.

Jay exclusively told Rams Player: "You don't think anything like that can happen to you really, and it came as a real shock when I learned what had happened.

"At the time when I woke up and was informed what had happened so many things go through your mind, like can you even play football again, exercise or lead a normal life?"

When waking up from the operation, to be informed his heart had stopped was the last thing he was expecting.

"I woke from the operation up feeling a bit groggy - thinking that was to be expected - and looked across to find monitors attached to me and all sorts of machines behind me," he said.

"The doctors explained to me that after I went under the anaesthetic and the operation was about to start my heart rate dropped dramatically, and then stopped for two minutes.

"The medical staff had to bring me round again and decided I was ok enough to proceed with the operation, and when I woke up I was in intensive care.

"Thankfully the results since that there were any concerns with my heart have come back fine and I can resume playing football again, and I can't wait."

Speaking about the moments when he found out his heart had stopped; the former Blackburn Rovers player admitted it was an emotional moment.

"It was tears all-round really because it was a real shock," he explained.

"My girlfriend, Mum and Dad were all obviously really concerned about me but I'm glad it is all over now and I can't wait to get back to football."

The protective mask which Jay has been issued with means he could make the most dramatic of comebacks against the Sky Blues tomorrow - and he insists there will be no holding back in any challenges.

He said: "The mask is really protective and it helps massively; it would have to be some blow for me to suffer more damage.

"It is very solid and wearing that I can be involved properly.

"I can't play not being one hundred percent committed to every challenge.

"If I am lucky enough to play and there is a ball to be won, I'll stick my head in there without a moments hesitation.

"If the mask doesn't protect the cheekbone then I'll just have to deal with the consequences, but I don't want to be on the sidelines I want to be playing whether there are risks or not."

It has capped off a hectic October for McEveley. He started the month with a goal in the 3-0 victory over Sheffield Wednesday, followed by a place on the bench at Leicester two weeks later. He was restored to the starting XI days later in the 2-0 defeat at Middlesbrough, where he fractured his cheekbone in the early stages.



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It was an ellergic reaction to the anesthetic it said on radio derby - makes you think tho - it happens to the super-fit as well as couch potatoes - hhhmm maybe curry and chocolate for tea then :D

Must of been very scarey - hope he's alright - crap footballer but lovely fella.

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Steady on when he played in the centre for us he was a rock, maybe we have been playing him out of position, I'd like to give him another crack at it although with Leacock, Barker, Addison I doubt he will get a look in once they are all fit. Apparently he started life as a centre back at Blackburn.

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I'm not sure he should be considered to be honest, a defender is more likely to take a blow to the face and I don't see how a plastic facemask will offer that much protection. Will he mince out of getting stuck in with set pieces to protect his face? Leacock only had mumps so surely he should be back now, give Jay abit more time for it to heal before sticking him back on the pitch.

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