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How long till Swine Flu cripples the Derby squad?


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QPR assistant manager John Gorman has revealed that three of his squad have been affected by swine flu this season.

Gorman pointed out that goalkeeper Radek Cerny was the first to contract the virus at the start of the season and defender Peter Ramage and Mikele Leigertwood have also suffered from the contagious illness.

In fact Leigertwood has only recently recovered from the virus after re-joining his team-mates prior to the 4-2 win at Derby, where he came off the bench.

Gorman insists the club are taking the necessary measures to ensure that the virus does not affect any more of the squad, although he added that the club were not overly worried about the situation.

"I'm afraid we have had two or three of the boys out with it," he told Sky Sports News.

"But we have just got on with it and kept them away from the club. (Matthew) Connelly has been out for ages with glandular fever and these sorts of things (happen). We have just accepted that these injuries and these illnesses occur.

"Mikel Liegertwood, he had it and he has just come back into the squad last week, Peter Ramage, our goalkeeper right at the very beginning of the season, Cerny, he was out with it as well. So the lads have done really well to recover and it's back to business again.

"Even our physio had it, it's one of those things that is going around and you just have to control it, let's not make a big fuss of it.

"I think we have handled it well and the lads are back now."


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Shan't waste my breath - David is a Savage hater - no matter what anyone says he won't change his mind - stubborn beggar :frown:

And the same way that whatever Savage does you will put him above the rest of the team and make him out to be some sort of super hero. ;)

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