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Your panic level


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Right i posted this on another forum i make no apologies but would like your views for a situation i have concerns for what is your panic level

A fooking 8 cos Nigel was a bum on seat appointment ,i rashly said to 2 posters he was the worse manager ever wich i quickly changed to worse footballing decision ever i stand by that he was a bum on seat appointment with a name.Can anyone say we have moved forward? we have Leacock and barker back now and still are **** or are we waiting for jewells signings to get fit like Green Davis etc.Yes i am very low at the min regards DCFC and as NER once said we may need a few managers to get it right .Well get another now. Yes i know we need stability and time to build blah f*cking blah and we laughed at festa for changing quickly but where are they now?Above fooking us christ give me a tab.

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Are we talking out of 10 here with 10 being sack him now? if so I'm probably at 7 to 7.5.

I didn't expect us to win last night although I didn't expect us to play so poorly and lose another 2 players with injuries, although to be fair Jay Mac's injury was just one of those things that happen and you can't blame Cloughie and the coaching team for that one. Commons we knew was injury prone when we signed him, what I didn't know was he's a knackered nag that needs putting down, we'd be lucky to get £3.50 for him let alone £3.5m.

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