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Villa Fans React


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Hopefully this link works. It's the only place I could find footage of the response by Villa fans after their draw to Wycombe.

OK they are very **** but how can this behaviour possibly help to make things better? Carry on like this and they may just get 10 points (fingers crossed)

Warning - if you're offended by strong language, don't click the link.


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Whoa. Thats one way to do a match rating player by player. 

Were we ever this bad? I know there were a few handbags in the car park on the last day but bar that I don't think we ever stooped that low. 

Theres a decent vid of Micah Richards confronting some of them during the game, fair play to him. 

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Can't view it but is it the abuse when they're getting on the coach? 

I'm the first to defender footballers and condemn precious fans who spend all game calling someone a cnut and then get offended when the player tells them to fook off.

But don't laugh at fans that are paying money to follow you around the country while you struggle to beat a team a few leagues below you. 

The fans are out of order. But the response isn't to laugh at them. It might be to ignore them, win some games and then keep ignoring them. It might be to hit back through the media. It might be to get out the club asap. But don't laugh at them. They're accusing you of not caring about performances enough and laughing about it doesn't help. 

Makes the whole bunch of them look pathetic. Which isn't too hard for the likes of Birmingham or Villa tbh.

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Who would travel all the way to Wycombe just to have a pop at the players like that?

Deserve to be laughed at. They clearly haven't travelled to see or support the team. Those types of 'fans' have travelled to Wycombe for a jolly day out harassing the locals no doubt.


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