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motor racing is about as exciting as watching arabic news on tv!

should be banned ,same as tennis, lawn bowls aerobics, syncronised swimming,etc etc

there,s no actual driver skill as such now, cos everything is computerised (even my computer is!)

what would really test the drives skill is driving down a mountain in a ford anglia ,with no brakes, for free!

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understand what? please tell me , cos i have a life !;)

Don't kid yourself!

It's about choosing the right tires, when to pit, how much fuel to go with. Factors are determined by conditions such as humidity, rain and the temperature of the track. It's all very complicated stuff and it's why teams send millions for large teams of engineers to pussyfoot around just two cars.

Even with all the science behind it, every decision made by a driver/team manager is a massive gamble.

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