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Which teams you really dislike ?


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MK Franchise. Not a football club. Never will be.

Rangers and Celtic. Disagreement over transubstantiation is quite possibly the most stupid basis for a football rivalry I can imagine. Celtic fans are up their own arses too. Best fans in Europe! Hail, hail! Give it a rest.

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Middlesbrough because the way they threw money about in the prem irritated me at the time, Leicester because of how they fiddled their collapse and the fact that Lineker loves them.  Preston are a horrible team. There's a few who I always feel glad if they get tonked - Burton, Ilkeston, QPR and anyone that Mick McCarthy and Neil Warnock happen to be managing. 

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Apart from the usual suspects for a Rams fan (Forest & Leeds) I've disliked teams more because of who played / managed them.

Peterborough when Darren Ferguson was manager

Stevenage with Graham Westley in charge

Stoke because of their dopey fans

Sunderland because I can never remember them ever trying to play attacking football apart from when 'our Kev' and Niall Quinn were there - even more now with Big Sam the dinosaur

Chelsea - would be an average club without Abramovichs' rubles and their fans are so much up their own bums - so glad to see them struggling

Better stop there or I could be here for ages! Oh - and West Ham who's fans are still locked in the 60s'


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39 minutes ago, StringerBell said:

Oh loads. A lot of them are for petty reasons but that's half the fun of football for me. 

One that probably won't get a mention - St Pauli. 

How can you hate Hipster FC? I'm quite interested to know why. I know lazy right on journalistic articles about the club are a pain in the rear, but I don't know enough about the club itself to see why anyone might hate them.

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