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Froch V Taylor


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any of you watch the fight?

spectacular finish in the last round by froch,

he was a good four rounds down ,after being knocked down in the early rounds ,

came back strong at the end , the sign of a champion!

will he ever get to fight joe calzage?

i hope for frochs sake he dont ,

not even in the same league as joe , i doubt whether joe would even contemplate coming out of retirement to fight froch

take nothing away from froch( the nottingam wa**er) he did put up a good fight.

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Im no fan of froch and it isnt because he is a red dog.His total lack of respect for any boxer is appalling.He claims Calzaghe is scared of him.Calzaghe has retired and his last fights were big earners against big named fighters.Calzaghe would have beaten him.Frochs recent statement that he would have beaten Hagler,Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard is absurd! He would be lucky to win a round against these legends,never mind a bout.Froch appears to have a chip on his shoulder because he cant get support from the TV networks but the truth is he isnt classy enough.He is a good boxer in a poor division.He fights Mikkel Kessler next.This is a proper test and although Kessler is past his best I expect him to beat froch.

And he is a red dog

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he lacks intelligence which goes with the territory (being a red dog)

also he,s an ignorant bathtub

but he,s world champion from england , so trig has to give him some respect

as for even dare to mention that he,s in the same class as calzage makes me laugh out loud!

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