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QUIZ- Name the ground


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The Guardian have put together a then and now quiz of some grounds, see how many you can get;



It is out of 10, post your scores up.

Quite pleased with 8/10 for both.

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8 minutes ago, rynny said:

:lol::lol: Sorry Mos, wasn't expecting that from you.

Did you not bother with the 2nd ;)

Had to do a little bit of work! lol. Yes, just did the second part.

I am not ashamed of not recognising grounds that have been changed beyond recognition even before I was born.

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Oh dear 7/10 on the 1st.......and the 2nd


You scored 9 out of 10!

Groundspotter! With those eyes you wouldn't even have needed the orange ball on a snowy afternoon in the 1950s

Explore all our then and now stadium views below ...

but my bad, guess which one I got wrong, filbert street my arse! :( Embarrassed :ph34r:

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6/10 in the first and 7/10 in the second. Some were a bit of a giveaway, such as the one which said "Luton" on a sponsor, as well as the Villa lion which is recognisable. A few more I guessed based on the strips of the teams playing there.

Not too bad considering I was 3 when BBG closed.

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1 hour ago, Shang said:

4/10 on both :S

Same for me. I'm giving the same excuse as Mostyn. It's a really good quiz though and they've been pretty smart with the teams included in the multiple choice so you can't deduce the answers from the colour of the shirts. They probably should've blurred the hoarding announcing "Luton Stadium" though.

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