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• Run a fan vote on what music we'd like to see the players come out to before kick off next season, with Steve Bloomers Watching we often play it once the players have left the tunnel and are in the pre match huddle. The song just doesn't rally fans together. I'm now sure what Wigan came out to at the start of last season but whatever it was it was fantastic, the whole away end was singing along with it, it might even have just been Hey Jude by the Beatles, which works. I'd like some classic britpop or Beatles tune that everyone in the ground would instantly recognise so they latch on and sing along. Something universal that we could make our own, perhaps even Blur, a band with Derby connections?

• Provide supporters in the South Stand with some visual displays each match, or matches that they know will sell out. Just place some large flags on poles around the stand, every game last season there was one or two people who brought flags with them, but nobody else seemed to latch on. If we could also have something like Watford or Palace have that'd be great.

• Offer more at the fan park outside the ground, perhaps extend it as well. I used the fan park a lot last season although my mates were almost embarrassed to be seen having a drink there which I couldn't understand. Some of  the ladies who go to the football as well were reluctant to go as they didn't fancy standing for an hour or two before kick off. Could we perhaps extend it, put some outdoor pub tables down and perhaps increase the menu. Perhaps putting the Zanfish van and a face painting, black and white balloon vendor inside the extended fan park would encourage more people to come in and have something to eat or bring their children. Spruce it up with some Derby County themed bunting around the edges as well? 

• Regular supporter group meetings, invite all supporter groups 1884 Group, Rams Trust(?), Nick and his flag bearer guys and any supporters who want to improve the atmosphere to a meeting in one of the suites every couple of months. Even if there's no serious club representation there i.e. Rush or MM it allows everyone to organise things together and make for the best atmosphere as possible. 

• Can we have Rammie back like he used to be a few years ago when he we got fined for him mocking that injured player who broke his ankle? I don't know if anyone remembers it but for a while Rammie was really involved in the atmosphere, it seems a bit silly and childish but he was fantastic. He used to sit in the South East Corner at the bottom with a drum and just rile up the crowd and the away supporters. 

• Sound on the TV's when there's a match on before kick off in the concourses, also could we show the match on the big screen in the ground like Blackburn do? 

• Could we spruce up the outside of the stadium or the back of the stands with some vinyl covers or something, i.e. a bit like Leicester or Arsenal. It's all good and well having those plastic sheets at the back that let in light, but personally I think it'd be nicer if we had pictures of our club legends all around the edges of the stadium. 

• An official merchandise stand outside the ground. Just like the ones that have started popping up selling dodgy old play-off scarves and half scarves. Could we not have one or two huge stalls based around the ground with flags, rammie hats, scarves anything to improve the atmosphere. I don't know if it's just me but when I'm walking to the ground and there's rows of tables/merch stands selling things it gets me excited for the game. Think Leeds, Man Utd, Wembley where there's tons of stalls on the way to the turnstiles.  

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