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Enhance the whole day experience


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Basically enhance the whole day experience:

Spruce up the outside of the North, East and West stands. Moulded plastic sheets  could be used to give a rounded effect similar to that at the Allianz arena on Munich. Wpuld look much better than looking at the back of steps

Encourage fans to spend the full day around the stadium. Increase the offering available outside the ground, e.g. better fan zone with seating, picnic tables, allow Greggs to open, give some consideration to US style tailgating, where fans set up  picnics outside the stadium. That grass bank outside the North stand is fantastic in the summer. In winter, set up German style street market food offering with Sausage/ beer stalls etc.

Co-ordinate events with the velodrome, i.e.  events/ live entertainment in the morning.

Make better use of the river, set up some of the stuff mentioned above along the Derwent (after sprucing it up first!)

Improve the catering service inside the stadium - food and drink offering is shocking and the service dreadful. Look to other events to get best practice in this - i.e at theatres, drinks can be ordered for the interval/ half time. Set up a clever app that allows you to order and then use your smart phone to confirm purchase and just collect drinks rather than wait for bored 14 year old to take hours to pour it. Queues will reduce straight away. Leverage just eat to provide a drop off service inside and outside the ground to give greater choice.

Half time entertainment poor. Stick on a tribute band to play live, hold competitions between home and visiting fans to get the crowd involved.

Stick another big screen at the South west corner so us North East folk dont give outselves a hernia to read scores.

Offer more to do after the game so fans can wait until the itraffic dies down of they wish.

Get the staff in the clun shop to cheer up. If im spending the best part of £50 on a shirt, I don't want to be grunted at tbh.

Do I win a t-shirt?


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