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improving things for the disabled


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Continue improving things for the disabled.

Queuing at half timetime for food or drink in a wheelchair is awful.

Ask away players to be considerate to disabled supporters. A lot of the action is blocked by two or three away players 'warming up' in front of us sat northern end of the west stand (I say warming up, they are usually stood forming a human wall watching the match and chatting, the last match of the season Cox was doing it and even when asked to move by fans he stood there being all smug, got to the point a very irrate guy got out of his seat to hurl abuse and Cox just smuggly waved him off.) We disabled supporters don't have the luxury of being able to move around the ground for a better view. Our players at least have the decency to stand by the corner flag out of peoples way.

Don't forget about the disabled supporters group when having fans forums/doing any sort of fan group work.

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