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10 suggestions


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1. Ditch the fan cam thing before and at half time in games

2. Ditch the loud music befor and at half time in games

3. Ditch all the yellow seats and replace with white. They look grubby, faded and missmatched

4. Design a huge ram logo with white seats amongst the black for the south stand with "south stand" written underneath

5. Poster, quotes, images from former rams legend on the walls of the concourses

6. Read out the half time scores from other games as soon as possible at half time

7. Without being harsh the kids dance groups at half time as very poor. Kids that are 2, 3 or 4 years old can not do dance good enough to hold interest (this comes from someone who teaches dance)

8. Discounted beers after the game if derby win (keep people in the ground spending money)

9. Possible paper displays to praise players. Eg stand holds up coloured cards to spell out messages of support to players or to mark achievements "will Hughes 100 appearances"

10. Let the fans build the atmosphere naturally. We don't need to be told to support or back the lads

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