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British astronaut Tim Peake now in Space after launch


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6 minutes ago, ilkleyram said:

What, and miss the second half of our season?  Bad luck more like, Curtains.  Bet there's some NASA rules about not streaming in space

Quite the opposite, there are less restrictions. You know exactly how many people are going to watch it and that there's not going to be any monetary gain from it. The space agencies just ask for what the astronauts ask for and generally they get it. Pretty sure American astronauts watch their teams NFL games live (unless they have stuff to do during that time window). They've got the new Star Wars to put through a projector once Tim arrives.

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He's ruined this run of Stargazing Live - OK maybe not his fault but I was looking forward to the series and there's too much about him. I watch Stargazing because I'm interested in astronomy and want to learn somehting new and see amazing things.

I'm not bothered about endless repetitive reporting of what the (not really) first British astronaut is doing, when it's the same thing that countless other people have done before him and many years ago.

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2 minutes ago, toddy said:

Hanging around outside the space station - amazing!

Absolutely, world at his feet!

The sacrifice will be worth it, by that missing family etc for a job he loves. The reward will be the future knighthood and book sales, though doubt he was thinking that when he signed up.

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