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Bris Vegas

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Do you guys get fed up with Internet Ads? Is that a reason why you might be inclined to stop reading news sites?

I only ask because it's becoming an increasingly more common theme among football news sites. Clickbait headlines might be one thing, but opening a site and not being able to read it is another.

This forum is decent in regards to its advertising, while I also have to stick up for HITC here. But it appears interest in general internet reading on football is decreasing.

Hence why even the main sites such as the DET and papers such as the Daily Star, Daily Mail and The Sun are loaded with pop-up adverts. Even Sky Sports Italia (Gianluca di Marzio) is now virtually unreadable.

Why are you guys stopping reading such football articles? I want to do a bit of digging to find out exactly why - And how things could improve. Is it the pop-up Ads? 'Clickbait' headlines or general non-info?

Thanks, Bris.


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I have had numerous offers for full screen, popup, pop under and those videos that open out of nowhere in the middle of the article.

I've declined them all and will never place any like that on here.

You have to strike the balance of making a site readable and paying the bills and it's hard due to users with ad blockers. People will say I've only installed it because of the ads now but people were installing them a while a go now when it was just the standard banner ads. The reason we are where we are now is because of those people.

I also think companies behind the likes of the DET, Football Mad sites do not directly connect to the people that use the site so they go down the route of absolutely plastering their sites with them without any thought for the end user trying to make their sites profitable.

I get why they do it, standard banner ads don't pay as well when you've got 60% of your users not viewing them due to blockers. Frustrating tho for people like myself that try to keep them to a minimum.

Ads are only going to get worse which in turn will push people to ad blockers and then sites turn to subscription based models. 

I'm not allowed to discuss as per the t'c's but all I need is people to view them, that's all, just scroll past them and it would support the site which is why it sends me crazy seeing people on here telling people to install the blockers raaaa!

I just think people don't quite understand what goes into running websites, the costs and time involved, they want everything for free. I'm not just talking here but every site, the blogs you read, the news sites.

The Internet is not free, it's never been free. Uninstall those ad blockers and support the sites you use. If sites are not readable, vote with your mouses, don't visit those sites.

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So many websites I don't bother with now because of it. 

DET is beyond horrendous with the pop up videos, invasive banners which cover the whole screen etc

i am not a fan off the full page splashes behind the main the site, sometimes containing animation or video because they always kill my browser at work (e.g the poke.co.uk)

i don't mind little banner headings or what have you, I get the need for the website to have them... But it seems like it's gone too far now. Way back when, there was just a seperate pop up window which was easy enough to close but I guess pop up ad blockers rendered those pointless. 

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Most of the ones that open a new window now are betting companies that are affiliate ads. Store a cookie in your browser then if you sign up or some just place a bet in 30 days they get paid.

They will also pay you a few up front so can pay quite well. 

I will have a betting company contact me every 2/3 days, sometimes the same ones as I ignore a lot now asking if I've changed my mind, really desperate to get them on sites

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Ads on the like of DET and Sky Sports I don't mind, but the ads on the OS drive me mad, full pages that block the content unless you click the tiny X in the corner, not always easy on mobile, often results in me giving up on the OS and getting the info elsewhere, who wants to know what's on Dave anyway?

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I get it that the Internet isn't free but I would personally rather donate/pay subscription just to not have to see ads on the sites I like to use. Maybe it's me but I really resent the Internet trying to second guess what I might want to buy. I can make my own decisions, thanks. 

Isn't there supposed to be a new tech bubble forming?. People are having to install more and more ads to try and prop up their business model. Why would making sites subscription services end this? Surely there would be further pressure before long and ads would gradually be introduced to those as well?

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Thanks for the replies guys. The thing is, it looks like it is getting worse.

The less viewers per site, the increased ads for those who do actually view. It makes it so difficult to read certain sites, and then every site gets thrown into the same bracket.

HITC never use pop-up ads either I can't see them ever going that way. I thinnk just the basic ones.

But I've seen people refer to them as just like the rest, clickbait sites loaded with Ads. It's a bit unfair, and it impacts general viewings as the competition between sites is so strict now.

Such competition promotes clickbait headlines among other sites, whereas declining viewers promote a bigger effort and more annoying Ads and ones which just dominate your screen.

I understand the bills have to be paid, but I feel people are being driven away by it all. 

Regardign subscription, The Sun and The Telegraph have both cancelled their subscription fees of late and gone the way of adverts. It seems to pay better for them as I can't see many people choosing to subscribe.


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The issue with subscription is that you alienate the casual viewer.  If you just surfing for stuff in general, you won't subscribe just to see if you like it or not.

However, the impact of the likes of YouTube putting an advert on prior to virtually every video is frustrating and the likes of the DET will drive people to find alternative sources.  I use this site and Twitter to get my news on Derby.

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